The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Europe (SETAC Europe) invites you to join us at the 6th SETAC Europe Special Science Symposium to be held 24-25 October 2012 at the Marivaux Hotel, Brussels, Belgium:

Environmental Endocrine Disruptor Testing and Evaluation: Current and Future developments

The purpose of this symposium is to disseminate and exchange up-to-date knowledge of endocrine disrupter environmental testing and assessment. The focus will primarily be on theĀ  implications for European regulation of plant protection products, industrial chemicals, biocides and pharmaceuticals. It will provide expert briefings from the regulatory, industry and testing laboratoriesā€™ perspectives on test design and interpretation, hazard or risk assessment, weight-of-evidence approaches and alternatives for vertebrate testing under development. Regulatory developments and future directions for addressing the areas of concern will be discussed.